Portal Edition

Scholantis Portal Edition accelerates your ability to use SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration portal. Portal Edition provides a district site for staff to share information, store documents and collaborate across teams and schools. Each school is provided with their own individual portal where staff, teachers and students can collaborate, share homework, create wikis and blogs, and hold discussions.The product is designed to get your school district up and running on SharePoint 2013 quickly and affordably. It’s a robust enterprise platform which can deliver the rich collaboration features your IT staff, administrators, teachers and students are demanding. Scholantis Web and Portal Edition

Most Popular Features

  • Consistent and user friendly editing tools allow teachers and administrators to efficiently manage their own content.
  • Syndication of content from the district site to the school sites ensures that staff across the district are kept up to date on district events and information.
  • Consistent look and feel across all public district and school websites while allowing schools flexibility to have their own unique logo, design and colors.
  • The My Documents feature allows staff and students to access their network shared drive and roaming profile from home.

Technical Features

  • Support for all of the major browsers for Windows and Mac users (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome)
  • A professionally built solution which complies with Microsoft best practices and protects your Microsoft SharePoint warranty and support.
  • Our approach allows you to support and extend your site using any SharePoint capable team – whether it be in-house or a third party vendor. Commonly requested enhancements such as integration with Moodle or the SharePoint Learning Kit can extend your site to offer a truly rich learning environment.
  • Built on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform Web Edition provides enterprise level collaboration features and reliability.
  • Page and content versioning allows auditing and the rollback of changes.
  • Approval and workflow built on Microsoft’s Workflow Foundation framework.
  • Active Directory integrated security.
  • Access to a rich partner community to allow further customisation and enhancement.

Apply Your Colours

Scholantis makes it easy to implement different logos and colours to each of the schools in your district. Just select and apply one of the custom colour templates, upload the logo for each school to maintain its own identity.


We provide a range of design customisation and branding options to fit your needs, from complete design customisation to simply picking one of our existing designs.

  Yellow   Burgundy   Blue   Teal   Beige
  Gold   Maroon   Navy Blue   Green   Sienna Brown
  Orange   Purple   Light Blue   Dark Green   Brown
  Dark Orange   Royal Purple   Yale Blue   Olive Green   Silver
  Red   Dark Purple   Cerulean Blue   Lime Green   Black

My Documents

My Documents My Documents allows staff and students to access their network file shares and Active Directory roaming profiles anywhere on the web. Users can upload and download files quickly and easily using only a browser. No more lost thumb drives and files forgotten at school!