Who we are

  • We are a leading Canadian-based company that provides IT solutions and consulting services for the education sector.
  • Our offices are located in Vancouver, BC.
  • Scholantis was established in 2007.
  • Scholantis operates as a partnership, jointly owned and operated by its founding directors Drew Carmichael and Alistair Higson.
  • Our customers are located across Canada.
  • Our name is a combination of the Latin ‘schola’ (in English we say ‘school’) and the word ‘lanti’ which means piece or part in Etruscan, the language of the people of ancient Italy and Corsica. The ‘s’ is for plural as we hope to bring many pieces to the puzzle. It’s silly, we know.
  • We are a Gold Member of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program and have achieved Microsoft Competencies in Information Worker Solutions.

Our service areas

  • Websites
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Components & Web Parts
  • Process automation
  • IT Consulting Services